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   Dive into our fabulous selection of beautiful yarns and accessories!

The StevenBe Creative Community Foundation (SBCCF) will ENLIVEN, INSPIRE, and UPLIFT the community and its residents. 

SBCCF promotes productivity with positive energy in order to discourage dysfunctional behaviors and support those in need. 

Community Aid
Financial Assistance to the Central Minneapolis and Powderhorn neighborhoods.

Charitable Knitting
  • The knitting community will be called on to produce hand knitted items for those in need.
  • Hats and mittens to Homeless Shelters, in conjunction with Hats for the Homeless
  • Caps for patients in chemotherapy and premature infants 
  • Prayer shawls and blankets
Therapeutic Knitting
We want to provide a lifestyle alternative through the therapeutic process of knitting. We will recruit volunteers to teach knitting and crocheting skills to at-risk youth and at-risk adults, especially those in recovery. 

Some of our work: 
In the Holiday Season, we have distributed Hats and Scarves to the Homeless.

A note from our dear friend Barb Melom of Hats for the Homeless:

"One can only say “Thank You” in just so many ways. 
We hope the method chosen here will be one that truly stays.
Hats for the Homeless has grown in the hands of knitters whose caring
will put 2160 beautiful caps on the heads of folks who’ll be wearing
much more than colorful cotton as they face Minnesota weather-
they’ll know that the gift they’re wearing means we’re all truly knit together.
So “Thank you” to all who created these gifts. Each year we give more and the mission is true
to reach out in love and experience the blessing to tell folks “We care about you.”
Blessings, Barbara Melom"

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