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This fibre blend contains 40% merino wool, 40% superwash merino wool, and 20% silk. 100g.
The mixture of treated and untreated wool provides a canvas for the dye that creates more depth and differential take-up of colour., and the streaks of silk provide luminosity. While untreated merino and silk blends can sometimes dye up into a firm, compact fibre preparation, the inclusion of 20% silk keeps this fibre blend puffy and soft, easy to draft, and beautiful to spin.
Just note that despite the superwash content, some of this fibre will felt, so treat all your handspun and hand knits from this fibre with care.
Fibres compact during dyeing, so pre-draft a little for better spinning. Hand wash and lay flat to dry. Hand-dyed in professional acid dyes for excellent colourfastness.