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The jumper is worked in Mrs. Moon Plump from the top down and is very quick and simple and so colorful!  Enjoy some chunky, satisfying colorwork!    Download the pattern here.

This project is available in 3 sizes:  S, M, and L.

Small:  "Quite small"  UK Size 8 Chest  39.5" ; length neck to hem 20.5"   YARN:  3 skeins main color (leftmost in the photos); 1 skein contrast color A,   2  skeins contrast color B, 2 contrast color C

Medium:  UK Size Size 10-12 Chest 47.5";  length neck to hem 23"    YARN:  4 skeins main color 1 skein contrast color A, 2 skeins contrast color B, 2 skeins contrast color C

Large: Uk Size 14-16  55";  length  neck to hem 23"   YARN:   4 skeins main color 1 skein contrast color A, 2 skeins contrast color B, 3 skeins contrast color C

NOTE:  Errata Available:  Large size only. Round 26, stitch count is 182.

Mrs. Moon Plump:
Plump Superchunky yarn is unbelievably soft and luxurious.  Made from the highest quality, sustainable, superfine merino and baby alpaca fibres, it is a joy to work with and wear. With 70m on a 100g skein it goes a lot further than many super chunky yarns.


The yarn is roving in nature, meaning that it is single ply with little twist, which helps keep the squidginess of the fibres, but during the spinning process the fibres are slightly felted together to ensure that it doesn't split when you are working with it.

Fibre: 80% superfine merino, 20% baby alpaca


Weight: superchunky


Length: 70m per 100g


Needle size:10-15mm

Ethical Provenence of Mrs Moon Yarns :The tops are from non-mulesed Merino sheep from ethical farms, all the wool is shorn and not a bi-product of the animal skin industry as the sheep are kept fro wool production alone.  The alpaca is also shorn, the animals being kept for fibre production only.