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Mama Christa had her yarn shop for 40 years and over the years she developed her own way of working. Now that she lives with Steven and is part of the StevenBe team she has shared an exclusive mitten pattern that she and her friend Deb continue to make.

We are retailing the mittens for holiday gifts, and because she’s 90(!!) years old she still refuses to share the pattern with us! So we buy the finished mitten! Steven calls them dog walking mittens because they’re thick and plush and very warm as they have a separate knit liner in them.

Getting one pair is like getting four mittens! Enjoy the winter!

Each mitten pair is knit to the same pattern. Differences in size are due entirely to different yarn weights, so all sizing is approximate!

Make sure to include your top 3 color choices, and we will match you with your very own Mama Christa Mittens!!