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“Magical Thinking” is a Pullover Shawl that is seamless and made in the round from the top, down. IT IS NOT A PONCHO! This is an important point as I have a teenaged daughter and cannot cause her social annihilation by designing a poncho, so please follow this rule of nomenclature.

It is made to fit all sizes and shapes. On larger busts it will ruche up more over your chest and it will fall lower on your shoulders (but still ruche up) if you have a smaller chest. It will not flow loosely around anyone’s arms over the age of two because, as previously emphasized, it is not a poncho.

Finally, strongly consider wearing it with the point off to the side rather than towards the “Lady Bits” - this is not intended to be a Crotchpointer. If there is interest, I will design a Crotchpointer but under an alias. (“Casacrotcha” maybe).

3 skeins of fingering weight yarn, 400 yards each (for both sizes).

Yarn/Color suggestions

  1. 3 tonals or 3 solids
  2. 2 speckles and one of the above
  3. 1 variegated and a mixture of 2 and 3. More than one variegated is contraindicated in the knitting of this pattern.

See labeled photos at left bottom and how Colors A and C interact with each other. B is the accent but does not have to be a “pop” color and A and C can either blend a bit or be very different from each other. My purple sample has more blends A and C colors than my blue and green samples. Do not overthink these - choose three colors that you love together and you’ll be happy!