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Each one of these skeins of rope are independently hand dyed with care. They are all considered One Of A KIND (OOAK), as no two are exactly alike. These fiber babies are meant to liven up your stash! The names are reflective of what (or who) inspired the colors. Everyone will experience these fiber art babies differently and use them differently, the possibilities are endless. They are meant to evoke memories or feelings, add emotion and/or something special to your art, whether that is: macramé; weaving; knitting; crocheting; or rug making, etc.

Fiber: 100% Okeo Tex Cotton

Approximate Length: 100 ft (33.33 yds; 30.48 m)

Diameter: 5mm (3/16 in)

Ply: 3 ply

Weight: 342 g

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