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Extra cords free up tips, allow for more WIP's and give you the flexibility your creativity craves

Slightly longer cords designed especially for your Lace Click Interchangeable Needle set!

PLEASE NOTE: The length given is the total length created when attached to needle tips, *not* the total length of the cord itself.

Also note, while all addi Click accessories are fully interchangeable - the shortest cord (16" ) will not allow for proper knitting when attached to the Turbo, Lace Long or Natura (bamboo) Click tips. This is because of the longer length of the Turbo, Lace Long and Natura Click tips. (We also don't recommend using the 20" cord with longer tips.) Also, should you use Lace Click Cords with either the Turbo, Lace Long Tip or Natura tips, you will achieve a length that is approximately 2" longer than the nominal length, again due to the longer tip length for Turbo, Lace Long Tip and Natura Clicks. Otherwise, Lace Click Cords are fully interchangeable with all Click tips.