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Individual felting needles!! Sold one by one, so make sure you get enough in each size!!!

40-gauge needles are extra-fine.

They can be used as a detail needle for fine wool or to needle fine wool onto a cloth base.

This needle leaves a small hole so it gives a smooth finish to the “skin” of a needle-felted project. The barbs are shallow and won’t allow the fiber to disappear into the project. 

38-gauge needles are for medium to fine fibers.

They can be used to needle fine wool onto a fine cloth base or as a detail needle for fine fibers.

It can be used as a finishing needle since it won’t show holes in the felt. It gives a smooth appearance to the surface. 

36-gauge needles are medium.

They are good for the beginning stages of a project when working with medium fiber.

It will leave a hole if used for surface work. Use this needle for detailed work if you are using coarse fiber.