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Perfect Blend Shawl Kit - Designer Casapinka

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Colorful and simply fabulous!  The Perfect Blend MKAL is now over, and the pattern has been released.    

When you buy the pattern, it is still in “Clue” form but this will revert to a single pattern after Clue 7 (the surprise clue that is for leftover yarn and unrelated to the shawl) is released in September. When? Well, that is part of the mystery! So, if you wish to knit it, you will have to download it one clue at a time.

Two versions:
Small and large

Uses 960-1200 yards of fingering weight yarn (divided into 12 miniskeins)

Skill Level - advanced beginner. Can yo, k2tog, ssk, slip some, knit some, purl some, make some, that kind of stuff. Casapinka says: If you’ve done some of my patterns, you’ll be fine and there is Paced and Planned Netflix Knitting throughout - i.e. garter rows.


Link to Clue 2 K1uls Stitch is here.
Link to Clue 3 Cross Stitch is here for throwers and here for Continental knitters.
Link to C4F is here (fast forward to 1:19)
Link to C4B is here (fast forward to 1:18)
Link to C4F and C4B without a cable needle is here.

Kit includes:  12 mini skeins and digital pattern