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Multiplicity Kits, The StevenBe Way - Designer BarbAnn Pappas

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This kit includes:

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2 skeins mohair 
2 skeins wool or wool blend fingering/sock weight

A very straightforward basic design that relies on the loftiness of mohair and a deliberately loose gauge producing a light and airy fabric. A rectangle is formed by the repeated construction of simple Shapes.

The completed rectangle can be worn as a Stole or Shawl. Or it can be folded in half and seamed, leaving a neck opening to be worn as a Poncho.

This design is created with short rows. A fairly simple recipe that is easily learned creates a mesmerizing and addictive design.

Almost any yarn can be used for the Main Color, use a beautiful variegated or self-striping yarn or an array of leftover yarns; you can use up lots of bits.

Mohair used as the background is best when contrast in color, so that the Shapes pop out. Kid silk mohair works nicely; when held together, two strands create maximum loft. Try mixing two colors; two strands can create new exciting hues. Even though, it is called the Contrast Color, the Mohair takes on a primary role in the design.

Using a larger needle than the yarn calls for will help create the loft and airiness this fabric requires.

Yarn – 
Stole – 19 x 85” * 
MC - approx. 550-600 yds – Fingering Weight 
CC - approx. 600-650 yds – Mohair held double

Folded Poncho – 22 x 50” * 
MC - approx. 500-550 yds – Fingering Weight 
CC - approx. 550-600 yds – Mohair held double