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Square up your blocking

From the creator, “I wanted a way for users to make sure their knits were blocking to their desired measurements. So I designed a thin cotton cloth, woven to 1" / 2.5cm square gingham. The thread is pre-treated before the fabric is woven to prevent stretching, shrinking, or distortion. Lay it under your knitted item to get straight edges and measurements”

Product Details

Material: 100% cotton

Dimensions: 48" x 48"

Tested for colorfastness


One cloth

How to Use

Use this cloth under or over your hand-knits while blocking to ensure correct measurements. Gingham checks have been woven into 1" squares for use as a two-dimensional ruler.

Lay the cloth under or over your hand-knits while blocking. Count the squares horizontally and vertically to ensure the correct measurements of your project. Protect knits while steaming by placing the cloth between hand-knits and steamer or iron.


Hand wash in cold water. Hang dry.