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StevenBe Tea - DJ That's My Jam Small


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The tea experts at Bingley worked with Steven to create these blends that evoke the soul of StevenBe in custom packaging. .7oz. DJ That's My Jam! is an energetic, non-caffienated blend of dried strawberries, candied-guava, dried pineapple, and hibiscus.

Whether sipped under our signature chandelier or at home with your favorite project, this exclusive tea blend from Bingley's and StevenBe is sure to please. Inspired by Steven's favorite things, this tea will invigorate your senses and your day. 

Relax, Create, and Enjoy!

Contains: Candied pineapple, candied papaya, hibiscus, elderberries, beetroot, strawberry, guava, vanilla bits, and natural flavoring.