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Gradient Cowl (the Dickie) Pattern - PDF


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This project was designed to create a custom color gradation blend. I have outlined the sequence of colors below using seven yarns. You can be creative by using your own sequence, mixing and adding the yarns as they run out. There is no right or wrong way to individualize this pattern, only creativity. Keep in mind that a pattern is only a guideline to your artistic freedom. Designed by Lauren Roberts for StevenBe


A1 - Lightest color - approx. 180 yds (bulky weight wool)

A2 - Lightest color - approx. 70 yds - Debbie Bliss Party Angel (lace weight mohair) B1 - Medium tonal shade of A1 - approx. 50 yds (worsted weight wool)
B2 - Medium tonal shade of A2 - approx. 200 yds - Debbie Bliss Party Angel
(lace weight mohair)
C - Dark tonal shade of B - approx. 110 yds - Be Sweet Skinny Wool
(lace weight wool)
D - Darkest tonal shade of C - approx. 180 yds - Be Sweet Skinny Wool
(lace weight wool)
E - Accent color - approx. 40 yds - Manos Silk Blend (sport weight wool/silk blend)


one size


Gauge is not that important. The tighter you knit the smaller the garment will be, the looser you knit the larger it will be.


US 15 Circular - 16â€Â? US 13 Circular - 16â€Â? US 11 Circular - 24â€Â? US 10 Circular - 24â€Â? US 8 Circular - 24-36â€Â? US 6 Circular - 24-36â€Â?