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Body Hugger Pattern - PDF


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A fun chunky quick knit modern vest that any moderate beginner can accomplish with a little bit of moxy. The only skill you need for this vets is knowing how to knit. In this pattern you will learn how to create an arm hole. The finishing touches are all in the exotic trims you use. Finish it off with your favorite shawl pin purchased in-store or online at


200 yds thick and thin super bulky yarn 200 yds novelty handspun yarn


18â€Â?x 37 “ S/M (22â€Â? x 44â€Â? L/XL)

Gauge is not that important. The tighter you knit the smaller the garment will be the looser you knit the larger the garment will be.


1 Pair - US 35
Note: Use a set of US Size 19 needles for a tighter knit which will make a smaller size.