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Ponchini Vol. 1 by StevenBe


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From the creative mind of Steven Berg, otherwise known in the knitting world as StevenBe, the ponchini emerged and 

became an international phenomenon.

One cold evening in Minneapolis while he enjoyed a dinner of fettuccine Alfredo, Steven tapped into his fashion design background and created this simple yet multifaceted garment.

Mid-bite, inspiration struck! Simplify the design so it can be knit in one piece and seamed, creating one point and making it a more functional garment--one that can be worn as a poncho, a cowl both long and double-wrapped, a hooded cowl, or a keyhole scarf. Pleased with both his idea and his dinner, Steven dubbed his new garment the Ponchini.

The original Eyelet Ponchini was a hit and Steven quickly followed up with variations on the design featuring his favorite stitches and fiber combinations.

Your hard copy book includes these patterns:

 - Eyelet Ponchini
 - Twisted Ponchini
 - Color Block Ponchello
 - Alchechini
 - Color Block Ponchellini
 - Diamonds + Platinum Ponchini
 - Shibuini
 - Ponchini Grande
 - Zeachini
 - Scribblechini