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Holiday Happy with StevenBe in Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Fill out a Wishlist Here 

Step 2: Forward THIS webpage to your loved ones. 

Other options include: 
  • Sharing it on Facebook
  • Setting it as their default homepage on their web browser
  • Leaving it open on every work computer so your Secret Santa gets a clue

Optional Step 2.5: Always leave a note!

Download our Wishlist below, leave it out for your family.

We suggest leaving your printed list in any or all of these locations:
  • Taped to the refrigerator door
  • In their wallet
  • On their steering wheel
  • In their coat pocket
  • Inside their glove/mitten
  • Attached to the dog/cat

Step 3: Happy Knitting! 

Steven will be playing Santa for some of our lucky customers!