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Frequently Asked Questions

Steven Himself

Who the hell is StevenBe?
StevenBe, also commonly known as Steven Berg, is the head honcho at StevenBe, the company. As Michael famously noted in our fantastic reality series, it's a good thing that he named his store after himself because now he gets to promote both of them at the same time! StevenBe brought you some of your favorite hits like the Eyelet Ponchini and the Rockin' Slouch.

Does he actually knit?
You bet he does!

Does he always wear sunglasses?
Yes, except at night. He leaves that to Corey Hart.

Is StevenBe also Stephen West?
Only when they're in their Megazord form. Actually, StevenBe (the man who invented the ponchini) is a different person from Stephen West (the man who revolutionized the shawl), though they are friends and have toured the country together.

StevenBe the Tour

I'm not in Minnesota, how do I get Steven to teach a workshop at my local yarn shop?
Let your LYS know that you're dying to take a StevenBe workshop and that they can book him by emailing

We're sure he'd love to visit you!

StevenBe Patterns & Projects

What's the appropriate amount of glitter to add to my projects?
Whatever amount is right for you. That being said, if you don't look like a walking disco ball, we have some sequins you can borrow.

I'm having a problem with a StevenBe pattern. Can you help me?
We sure can! Please email and let us know which pattern you're working on, what part you're having trouble with, and what your particular concern is and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

I have a pattern that I love, can someone put together a custom kit for me?
You bet we can! Putting together custom kits is one of our chief joys in life. Just email with the name of the pattern you want to make and a few of your favorite colors and we'll get back to you within 48 hours with some stunning suggestions.

StevenBe the Shop

Do you have a shop in [insert non-Minneapolis city here]?
No, you must have encountered our arch-nemesis knock-off brand, StevenBee's. Either that or you met Steven at another LYS while he was on tour, which we're sure was an awesome time!

When are you open?
We are always open on our website.

Come and visit us in store:
Tuesday - Friday 11am-6pm 
Saturday & Sunday 11am-4pm

We offer curbside pickup and shipping.

StevenBe the Website

Do you ship internationally?
Hell yes! Buy our stuff!