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Not So Scary Socks: Introduction to Sock Knitting

Ever wanted to knit socks but were too intimidated by the prospect of tackling a pair? This is the workshop series for you! Laurie and Bree will take you through the complete anatomy of a sock as well as help you find the method that works for you.

Beginning Crochet With Julie

Ever wanted to try your hand at crochet? Here's your chance! Then end result will be a stunning gradient cowl. You will learn how to chain, become comfortable with the feel of a crochet hook and yarn in your hands, and gain the muscle memory of the single crochet stitch.

Urban Knitters' Sunday Escape

Cap off your weekend at StevenBe Our weekly meet-up for all things new at StevenBe. Finish your weekend with our fabulous knitters and entertaining staff. As always, luxurious shopping is open to all for the day.

Aug 19
Beginning Knitting With Judith and Ken
Aug 20
I Need Help, HELL YES!
Aug 22
Mineapolis Men's Stitch 'n' Bitch