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June 10th
Knitting with Nancy

June 30th
Continental Knits

August 10th
Big Even!


Stephen & Steven - Flip N Wear Tour

June 23rd, 2015

Stephen & Steven are taking their Flip N Wear workshops to cities across the United States. Visit your favorite stores on the list for these inspirational workshops. Follow the action on Facebook and Instagram.

Freia Super Bulky

Quick knit, super soft, and gorgeous colors from Freia Fine Handpaints!

Avengers mini-skein Set in Adorn Sock

Knitters Assemble! Grab this exclusive Avengers-inspired mini-skein set in action ready Adorn Sock.


Get your seats for the Runway contest of the year.

Stephen & Steven are hosting a bootylicious design contest with a twist.


Production continues this Summer...

Follow all of the adventures and stay tuned for exciting episodes this Fall.